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Wednesday Wishes

April 22, 2009


Photo: bunch of wishes by incredi

This week I am wishing for

  • My headaches to go away
  • To get an apointment at my optomertrist
  • Some inspiration to write
  • To write without being in pain
  • For people to actually follow through with trades when using  trademe
  • Good weather for Anzac weekend (even though im working right through)

What are you wishing for?

Love n hugs



Wednesday Wishes

March 25, 2009


Photo by fool__s_paradise_by_gnce at deviant art. Do not pass off as your own

This week I am wishing for

  • The Twilight DVD to hurry up!! I cant wait to see it on my tv screen.
  • All the bitchyness to stop at work. Honestly its like being back at highschool but we have better uniforms.
  • Some books to read. I dont know what I’m in the mood to read so it marks it hard to find books to read. Make sense?
  • The balls to post a picture of myself.  Um.. like dont send me any balls… I’ll find ’em
  • The ability to draw would be nice
  • A new Phone!! I’ve had my current phone for nearly two years!! The phone I want isnt out in New Zealand I dont think Its a white Nokia … everyone on home and away has it (its  probably the same phone)

I think thats enough self indulgance this week

What are you wishing for this wednesday??

Wednesday Wishes

March 18, 2009

This is my first ever Wednesday wishes!!

  • To have a good weekend at work. Hopefully it’ll be much better than the past two days were. Grr!!
  • True blood starts tonight at 930pm on prime! I’m hoping it will be good.
  • Some inspiration for new stories. At the moment I’m writing fanfic! ooh exciting!!
  • I’m wishing for some dinner. Someone (me) forgot to get something out of the freezer for dinner. Opps!
  • More hours in the day so I can type up more stories and  get some posts up to do that thing so they post when I’m not here. Must remember what thats called.

Thats all for wednesday!! Hopefully  I can get some better wishes going for next Wednesday!!

No pic to accompany this because I’m lazy and hungry and cant find anything good.

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Love n hugs