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Friday Love

April 10, 2009


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Not much is buggin me today mainly because I’ve been at home all day. Didnt step outside the boundry lines lol

Moving on…

Heres What I’m lovin

  • Cheesy Disney movies on tv (freaky friday is on right now the one with LiLo)
  • Days all to myself with no work and no where to be.. Ahh its relaxing
  • Sitting infront of the tv watching Charmed dvds  (yeah yeah lazy but like its good friday I’m sure the religious figures wouldnt want me doing anything productive)
  • Fitting into size 12pajamas (thats nz sizing thank you very much! oh and nothing else size 12 fits but shhh)
  • Seeing old friends all grown up.
  • New moon set pics being released without coverups

What I’m not liking

  • Super sunny days that make me spring out of bed only to be struck with super coldness! Grrr
  • Being sent the wrong books right when I’m about to finish the first one and want to read the second
  • Crazy people rushing to the shops on a thursday just because its closed on friday

Thats all! Hope you kids are having a good weekend! I would say happy easter but I dont know when its supposed to be said.

Love n hugs


Things I love Thursday

April 2, 2009


Photo Love to lullabyoflilly1 at Deviant art

This week I’m loving

  • Having my computer back and its working!! (touch wood)
  • New makeup brushes and they were only $60 compared to the $190 ones I was looking at.
  • The shimmery stuff I brought to sparkle like Edward actually serves a very good make up purpose.
  • Being creative! This week without my comp I’ve done loooooads of scrapbooking made 5 bookmarks and made a word bracelet thing. I should lose my computer more often!!
  • Teen magazines!  They’re so much more informative than the “grown up”  womens ones.
  • Seeing old Gilmore Girls actors on October Road (just spotted Kirk)
  • Playin with make up for fun
  • Having lunch with friends
  • Letting go of the past.
  • finding old poems from highschoool (man I put the mo in Emo)

I’m too tired to link up the others thursday loves this week but checkout Gem at half accidental oh and also Check out Gala Darling.

Love n hugs