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Friday Love

April 10, 2009


Photo: love_is____by_kelsea_kismet

Not much is buggin me today mainly because I’ve been at home all day. Didnt step outside the boundry lines lol

Moving on…

Heres What I’m lovin

  • Cheesy Disney movies on tv (freaky friday is on right now the one with LiLo)
  • Days all to myself with no work and no where to be.. Ahh its relaxing
  • Sitting infront of the tv watching Charmed dvds  (yeah yeah lazy but like its good friday I’m sure the religious figures wouldnt want me doing anything productive)
  • Fitting into size 12pajamas (thats nz sizing thank you very much! oh and nothing else size 12 fits but shhh)
  • Seeing old friends all grown up.
  • New moon set pics being released without coverups

What I’m not liking

  • Super sunny days that make me spring out of bed only to be struck with super coldness! Grrr
  • Being sent the wrong books right when I’m about to finish the first one and want to read the second
  • Crazy people rushing to the shops on a thursday just because its closed on friday

Thats all! Hope you kids are having a good weekend! I would say happy easter but I dont know when its supposed to be said.

Love n hugs