So you’ve come here trying to find out more about me. Well good luck to you! Even I dont know quite who I am. I can tell you some things though lets make a list. Lists are fun.

I am…

  • The vampire obsessed girl.
  • The music obsesed girl.
  • unpredictably predictable. Thats a wammy isnt it?  I can be predictable sometimes but other times I’m very unpredictable.
  • The girl that likes to write. Anything.
  • the girl that cries over sad movies and sad tv programes
  • The girl who loves pink!
  • The girl that loves Twilight but tries to hide it.
  • The girl that believes in the Schermbles (dont know? dont ask)
  • The girl who wants to be loved.
  • The girl who was afraid of loving herself
  • The girl always behind the camera never infront
  • The girl who loves cheesy 80’s movies
  • The girl who likes making lists
  • The  girl who loves to procrastinate.
  • The girl who dances around her house but unwillingly in public.

I am the girl…  and the girl is me…

Picture to come at a  later date when I am in a good photographic mood (because photoshoping it would be unethical)


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