Where have YOU been??


I  have a blog!! I remembered!

Last time we were talking I was complaining of headaches and general blahness do you remember that? Good  I’m glad. So to keep you up todate  heres whats going on.

It was thought I had  whiplash. I dont.

It was a possibility that I needed to update my eye prescription. Good news is that my eyes have improved so I can get new lenses and two shiny pairs of glasses YAY. Need to order glasses though.. hmm..

I spent an entire day at the hospital for one blood test and two x-rays.  90% of that time I was wearing nothing but underwear and two gowns NOT cool in winter when it is  COLD.

My Dr  has  prescribed  Nortripyline which is an antidepresent. Yes for a headache/neckache. Whatever. I’ve just taken the first two pills tonight as they might make me dopey and I had to work over the weekend and I didnt really want to take them anyway.

I had to tell my manager at work because its a valid reason for not being at work then I  figured she’ll tell everyone so I might as well get in first so basically everyone at work knows I’m on anti-depresents yay.

I’m very against these anti-depresents but if they make my neckpain go away I will be excited.

Well thats all for now I hope you are all happy and healthy I’ll try to visit your blogs during the week depending on how  I’m going

Love and hugs



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8 Responses to “Where have YOU been??”

  1. Anja Says:

    I’ve never been a fan of tricyclic antidepressants. Can you get a second opinion on this medication?

  2. widdleshamrock Says:

    Awww sweets.

    Big hugs.

    I was anti anti depressants too. I went to the doctor for joint pain and it was depression too.

    I was on fluoxotine for 2 years. I think at the end of the day, you just gotta do what you gotta do.

    Not wanting to be a fussy mother hen or anything, but you know not to mix with alcohol don’t you?

    • masachisticlamb Says:

      I dont actually drink any more! Since I went to my friends 21st and got totally wasted I was like “nah this isnt cool any more” and I dont drink or eat meat any more. woo.

      Who knew that joint pain and other weird things could be depression?

  3. Jem Says:

    Yay you are back 🙂

  4. so@24 Says:

    Look at it half full:

    x rays always = super hero powers

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