Wednesday Wishes


Photo: bunch of wishes by incredi

This week I am wishing for

  • My headaches to go away
  • To get an apointment at my optomertrist
  • Some inspiration to write
  • To write without being in pain
  • For people to actually follow through with trades when using  trademe
  • Good weather for Anzac weekend (even though im working right through)

What are you wishing for?

Love n hugs




3 Responses to “Wednesday Wishes”

  1. widdleshamrock Says:

    yeah, the headaches don’t sound good. Hope they go away for you too.

    I wish that this week I will hire the nanny for respite care. I am tired of being tired.

  2. misguided mommy Says:

    a full nights sleep
    no more dishes
    less crumbs
    to lose 30 pounds
    to be able to easily run a mile…actually 3 miles

  3. misguided mommy Says:

    oh oh….to lose 30 lbs and then be trapped in a bedroom with edward

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