Fuck you Friday: Saturday Edition

Heres what I’m sayin fuck you to this week(end)

  • fuck you to the massive attack of allergies I had on Friday. It was so bad I was nearly in  tears because of the pain.
  • fuck you to the massive cramp in my right calf muscle that woke me up sometime this morning and has been bothering me all day.
  • Fuck you to feeling tired
  • Fuck you to the bitch at work who thinks I dont know she was talkin about me.
  • Fuck you to to the computer that insists on changing where I’m typing. Dont believe me? The next post I do I’ll leave it all how it makes it. Yeah take that.
  • Fuck you to daylight savings starting tonight thats gonna fuck me up long time.
  • Fuck you to the Fuck you I was thinking of but forgot…Damn…

Thats all for this week.  Check out Gem’s fuck you’s

Love n hugs



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