Things I love Thursday


Photo Love to lullabyoflilly1 at Deviant art

This week I’m loving

  • Having my computer back and its working!! (touch wood)
  • New makeup brushes and they were only $60 compared to the $190 ones I was looking at.
  • The shimmery stuff I brought to sparkle like Edward actually serves a very good make up purpose.
  • Being creative! This week without my comp I’ve done loooooads of scrapbooking made 5 bookmarks and made a word bracelet thing. I should lose my computer more often!!
  • Teen magazines!  They’re so much more informative than the “grown up”  womens ones.
  • Seeing old Gilmore Girls actors on October Road (just spotted Kirk)
  • Playin with make up for fun
  • Having lunch with friends
  • Letting go of the past.
  • finding old poems from highschoool (man I put the mo in Emo)

I’m too tired to link up the others thursday loves this week but checkout Gem at half accidental oh and also Check out Gala Darling.

Love n hugs



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3 Responses to “Things I love Thursday”

  1. widdleshamrock Says:

    I heard the Edward shimmer powder was really expensive and you got a teeny weeny bottle.

    I am hoping to scrapbook today.

    • masachisticlamb Says:

      Yeah I heard that too. The stuff I brought is Revlon shimmer powder its supposed to make the face free of imperfections not that we have any!!

  2. Scott Says:

    I was very late, getting a computer. I didn’t have enough money for one, so I got a hand-me-down from my parents in about 2000. It was a piece of junk, a mixture of different parts like “Frankenstein’s” creation, though not as functional. My parents gave it to me with apprehension, because they were afraid I’d get hooked on Internet porn. I got hooked alright, but on political forums, in which I constantly argued with people as opinionated as I! Then the damned thing finally died.

    Years later, I got another one–another hand-me-down but with only 65 megabytes memory, then another with about 240 megabytes, until I finally got my current one. It’s a hand-me-down, but it has about 560 megabytes–it’s wonderful!

    Anyway, I did read many books before I got that first computer, and after it died. But since I got the second, the third, and this one, I haven’t read a single book! I’ve got one book, beside my chair, that I started reading about four years ago, and still haven’t finished!

    I do read blogs though–I spend much more time on the computer, reading blogs than watching DVD’s on my television. And this is good, at least. Because I’ve found that most bloggers I’ve encountered are exceptionally good writers! I do think they should change the term, “blog” to something befitting the writing, though. “Blog” sounds like “blob”, “clog”, and “glob”–so people who aren’t familiar with blogs consider them trash because they’re fooled by the trashy-sounding term!

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