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Screw up of the month

March 30, 2009

Ok so remember how I got a new hard drive and I Was all excited? Well I had to download some stuff to make my comp run better (and I was also trying to get a movie). Anyway…

I managed to completely wipe everything out of my computer including eight videos of deleted scenes and some other stuff I hadnt backed up.

My computer was so bad that I never saw the blue screen of death (the one that says “windows has encountered an error..blah blah blah press any key”) no no I went straight to the black screen of hell that goes “Windows has been unable to start properly please select one of the folowing options”.¬† I got Dad to look at it and he was more confused than me so he took¬† it to another guy who managed to get my hard drive working again but its fucken useless. It doesnt know how to go onto the internet so I cant update anything and Im sure as hell not risking going on the internet with no antivirus protection which cant be updated until I get on to the internet.

All in all its a big fucken screw up.

I managed to kidnap dads computer but I’m soooo tired so I’ll try to get on here again tomorrow and reply to everyone so you dont think I’ve dissapeard again.

Love n hugs


Oh did you notice how my scheduled posts worked? Atleast thats a silver lining to all this.