The stuff dreams are made of

Recently I had a dream about a Budda. Not just any Budda  no no that would be too normal for me. No this Budda was in a trolly, was a statue but was talking via his mouth..

According to the dream moods dictionary this is what dreaming of a budda means:

To see Buddha in your dream, symbolizes wisdom, insight, compassion, and inner spirituality. You need to find calmness and peace within your own Self.

Interesting. I do hope to find calmness otherwise I am going to bash my computer. It keeps tying where I dont want it too. Score.

Why am I now blue? Someone please tell me why I’m looking like a Smurfette??

Love n hugs me

~*~ This is an autopost because I am either busy or have decided to bash the computer for making me blue and type where I’m not supposed to ~*~


One Response to “The stuff dreams are made of”

  1. widdleshamrock Says:


    I love that website.

    Blue is a calming colour spiritually apparently.

    It’s not Smurfette Blue, it’s Twilight Vampire Blue.

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