Lifestyle change tips

Before I start I really want to stress that I am not a medical practitioner (I even had to spellcheck that!) these are just tips I have found that work for me. Before you partake in any exercise or “diet”  changes please consult your doctor or medical professional.

If you’ve woken up one day and decided enough is enough! You want to stop eating crap food and lead a healthy lifestyle then  please DONT DO THE FOLLOWING..


  • Call it a “diet”
  • Label foods as “bad” or “naughty”
  • Refer to foods as  “fat foods” or “skinny foods”

As soon as you label things it makes your brain react differently.  That food you labled as naughty? all day you’re going to want it and crave it. Eventually you’ll give in and eat a whole bag of chips or whatever.


  • Keep fruit or nuts and almonds handy at all times for snack
  • Get out and exercise even if its just walking to the shop for milk
  • At work instead of picking up the phone to call a co-worker or emailing them pop over and see them. Even if its only a short walk its still exercise.
  • Set a time to go to bed and get up in the morning. the schedule will stop you eating at weird times.
  • Find out approximately how many calories you should be consuming, adjust it for your needs but dont purposely underfeed yourself. That is not good for you.


  • Keep buscuits, chips or anything you would normally scoff. If this cant be helped like you live with flatmates or something ask them to hide it from you and not tell you they have them. I love hiding Tim Tams in the freezer because I never look there for them so when I do find them its a suprise!
  • Second guess yourself. If you have the mindset of fail then you will fail.
  • Visit pro – eating disorder types. I dont know how they can live with themselves. (I started going off topic here!! Sorry).
  • Watch what other people eat. It’ll make you jealous because they’re eating a big mac and you’re not or you’ll be grossed out because they’re eating a big mac.
  • Beat yourself up if you fall off the “wagon” and eat a pie, a donut and chocolate cake. Take appropriate action such as going for a short walk and then eat a proper dinner. The next day get up and eat a good breakfast. If you feel you are continuously  falling off the “wagon” then you may need to look at why you are doing this.
  • Weigh yourself.  For many reasons we can weigh more at differnt times whether it be water retention or that time of the month. Dont obsess over the scales it doesnt help anyone.
  • Hold on to fat clothes its like setting yourself up for fail.  YOU WANT TO SUCCEED.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions just ask I dont bite (unless your name is Robert)

Love n hugs



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