Dangerous Obsessions


Losing weight is one thing but purging yourself beyond belief  is  not right and you must seek help.

The main thing  that annoies me about the media is how they portray skinny, being skinny and coping with parental issues.

In Gossip girl both the books and tvshow feature Blair having an eating disorder. While they do say its bad and she needs help I cant help but wonder if girls are seeing how  beautiful blair is and thinking that its ok to purge their food.

At times it can be like a dangerous dance teetering on between being healthy and being obessive.  Is having photos of gorgous (skinny) women obsessive or keeping yourself on track with a goal in mind?  Is finding out the dress size of famous celebrities obsessive or plain interest?  Is the fact that looking at old photos of onesself difficult to look at anything to worry about?

Who fucken knows.

I have lost my point.


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6 Responses to “Dangerous Obsessions”

  1. Gem Says:

    i agree that the media glamourises eating disorder. but guess what? EATING DISORDERS ARE NOT FUCKING GLAMOROUS. (i think i spelled that wrong. anyway.)
    I had an eating disorder from the age of 14 til when I was around 21. Borderline anorexia. I say ‘borderline’ only because I wasn’t actually hospitalised for it.
    Those years were not fun. I lost friends because I didn’t want to be in social situations where I might have to eat. I lost confidence because no matter how much weight I lost, I still felt too fat. I lost all sense of who I was.
    These things take over your mind, and your life. You can’t look at food without calculating how many calories it has, how long you’d need to exercise to work it off, and how much weight it could make you gain. It’s fucking horrible.
    These days I’m better. Although I still sometimes feel insecure about my body, I eat a normal amount for my size and I allow myself to eat anything I want, in moderation. It’s nice to have my life, and myself, back.

    • masachisticlamb Says:

      Wow thank you for sharing so much Gem :). Eating disorders really take over dont they?

      I’m so glad your better I’d hate to lose you to that horrible disorder.

  2. Gem Says:

    haha, umm… sorry about the essay :S

  3. widdleshamrock Says:

    I went to school with a girl who had anorexia and she would proudly tell us how she fooled the nurses into thinking she had eaten and where she would hide food.

    I struggle with my weight and am obese, so no fear of me becoming anorexic.

    • masachisticlamb Says:

      Argh! Is that girl you went to school with still alive? Is she better?

      No fear of me becomming anorexic either!!

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