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No creative Title today

March 24, 2009


I was missing from the internet for the weekend because I FINALLY GOT MY NEW HARD DRIVE!! YAY

Although it was only gone over night I then had the awesome task of reloading everything and get all back to how it was.

I was so pissed off in the beginning because my computer now has my dads name all over it. When I sign in to windows, when I go looking for folders all  in the path it says my dads name. If that wasnt bad enough its also Spelt wrong. Oh and my  p key doesnt work unless I press and hold it for a few seconds. Cool.

I have finished putting most of my stuff back into my computer. The first thing I did was get my music back, Over three thousand songs!! Exciting isnt it??? Its all back! YAY

Since I have the day off today I am making some bookmarks to use while reading instead of folding the  pages over like I have done all these years (oops!!).

On Friday before work I had the bright idea to go for a two hour walk UP HILLS. Upon my return I discovered I have massive blisters on the arch bit of my foot. Since they were on the arch bit there was nothing I could do about it but strap on my big girl panties and deal with it.   Then if that wasnt bad enough all night  I had to keep going up and down stairs at work. YAY.

Oh I got photoshop back on my computer!! Exciting!! Except I cant remember anything from my highschool photoshop classes so its a lot of  pushing buttons and trying out things.  I havent decided what I want in my header, hence the plain look at the moment.

Finally one last thing. I dont know what to call myself on the internet. Should I use my real name? Just the first not the last name. My old internet name I dont feel suits me anymore and now I’m left wondering…

What do you think??

Thats all for now I’m off to go outside while its still sunny although its like torture because of my allergies (much more grown up than hayfever).

Love n hugs