Things to do…

Dont worry this isnt a massive list of things for me to do I wont subject you to that pain.

Just a list I have compiled of stuff to do on those days you just feel a little bit blah or you have “Jessus Christ!” moments..

  • Get out of the house. Make sure everything is turned off, grab your mobile phone and anything else you might need then start walking!  Walking is great for getting you thinking and lets you work out some frustrations you might have. Whatever state the house is in it can wait until your back and completely refreshed.
  • Watch a favourite movie. To make sure its not making your own list of things to do larger why dont you fold washing while watching it. You could tidy up whatever room you’re in, do the dusting, even do the dishes while hearing whats going on. You get to do something fun and clean at the same time!
  • Go through your wardrobe and  pick out items for outfits. An outfit for dinner, for a trip to the movies for whatever. Go through and work out what you like, mix it up a little trying different combinations. You might even suprise yourself with something exciting!!
  • meet some friends for a picnic at the park. Or go for a picnic by yourself.
  • Play some music and dance around the house singing. Might want to make sure that you’re either alone or that the flatmates dont mind!
  • Write a friend a letter. A real letter with pen and paper!!  Ok so its not enviromentally friendly but who doesnt love getting mail??
  • Get creative : make your own tshirts with your fav band, actor, movie etc, do some scrapbooking,  make a college of your favourite photos, make some homemaid presents to have on hand for upcomming birthdays and christmas!!
  • Call a friend for a chat. Texting is great but sometimes a chat is better making your friend laugh rather than LOL
  • Draw or if you cant draw at all (Thats me!!) find an old colouring book and colour in perfect those skills!!
  • Experiment with make up! Try some new eyeshadows, blend colours, play with foundations etc
  • Go through old magazines and cut out pics of cute outfits, funky make up or anything that appeals to you then you can either make it into a collage or scrapbook it.  If you decide to make a collage try picking a theme or a colour and stick to it. If you’re really sad and down do a sad theme and try to work through those feelings or do a happy one to get some happyness back!

Thats all I have for now.

Love n hugs



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4 Responses to “Things to do…”

  1. Gem Says:

    great list! and love the new blog 🙂

  2. widdleshamrock Says:

    Man, we must be on the same wave length !!!

    I am starting to make sure I make time to do widdle things I enjoy. Life was starting to become Groundhog Day, you know? But I find I go in fits and starts.

    • masachisticlamb Says:

      Oh no if you and me are on the same wave length that cant be good for the rest of the world. :p

      Groundhog day is a horrible movie!! Get out and have some fun!

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