Fast and the Furious


In all my Vampire madness I totally forgot about my other obsession!!  Check out the video trailer. If you go to the movies at the same time as me to see this I’m just going to warn you now I get rather excited and I’ll prolly be a bit of a fan girl lol


Does anyone even care about the new Harry Potter movie?? Its comming out soon or something…Fuck knows…

Love n hugs



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One Response to “Fast and the Furious”

  1. widdleshamrock Says:


    I haven’t done the Fast and Furious movies.

    But I am currently on a Vin obsession, as Twilight is making me wait til November.

    Yeah, Harry Potter seems to have got a bit lost hasn’t it? People are so fickle with new and shiny. They should have struck while the iron was hot.

    We will get the DVD as we have the first 5 anyway and the boys will be unbearable otherwise.

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