True blood!


When I was told it was boarding the line between good tv and soft core porn they were not kidding! anyway it was good and I love the theme song  (bad things by Jace Everett incase you were wondering). So far its good enough for me and yes I read the books first go me! At first I wasnt sure about the vampire but hes looking ok now I think I might  have been loking for something a little more sparkly and hell lets just say Edwardly.

Please note the Vampire sex tag is back. mwahahahahaha!!

Oh duh the whole reason for this post.  My funeral songs are up!  Wahoo!! I keep typing before my computer has a chance to catch up its like  I’m super fast or something.

Love and hugs me


6 Responses to “True blood!”

  1. misguided mommy Says:

    i’ve heard so much about this, i really need to check it out.

    • masachisticlamb Says:

      You do!! I’ve only seen the first episode and I like it. Its very different to the Twilight Vampires.

  2. anja Says:

    Wow, this is something I will have to keep an eye out for.

  3. widdleshamrock Says:

    Yep, soft porn would be right. lol.

    Hubby turned the channel during an ad break and didn’t turn it back.

    Um, the vampire looking at itself in the mirror/camera as it was having its way with the chick tied up. Twas a bit weird. lol

    • masachisticlamb Says:

      LOL I didnt find that weird. This might make the comment seem weird now.. Each to their own..

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